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Welcome to the Homepage of the Sea Kayak Club of WA inc.

Western Australia has some of the best sea kayaking locations in the country plus the sort of weather conditions that allow us to enjoy this satisfying and adventurous activity year round. If you have a yen to get out on our pristine Indian Ocean waters with a supportive group of experienced and likeminded people, to improve your fitness, commune with nature and to paddle your own boat into adventurous, scenic locations then you have come to the right address for information as to how this can be achieved. If you are unable to find all of the information you need by clicking on the various site menus please do not hesitate to contact our President, Vice President or Secretary. Also see our Facebook page.

Welcome also to any of our existing members who may be visiting the web site in search of information, the aim is to provide a one stop location for all information about club activities.

Cockburn Sound
Cockburn Sound
Photograph: Alan Hale
Kevin Piper starting out on the long paddle back to Kwinana from Garden Island.

Bunker Bay cave
Caves near Bunker Bay
Photograph: Russ Hobbs
The rugged coast out towards Cape Naturaliste provides stunning scenery for a paddle.

Muttonbird launch
Launching Margaret at Muttonbird
Photograph: Alan Hale
Another successful launch at the 2015 Sea Kayak Symposium. There are some more pictures of the symposium in the Gallery.

Cheyne wreck
Cheynes II Wreck
Photograph: Alan Hale
Paddlers raft up at the wreck of the Cheynes II whaler in Princess Royal Harbour Albany, at the 2015 Sea Kayak Symposium.

Kalgan scupture
Kalgan River
Photograph: Royd Bussell
Linda and Kevin paddle past the kingfisher scupture on the Kalgan River near Albany, at the 2015 Sea Kayak Symposium.

Cliff Head
Garden Island
Photograph: Jill Sievenpiper
Sue and Russ in the 'Queen Mary' at Cliff Head.

Flare display
Flare Display
Photograph: Alan Hale
The Department of Transport Marine Education group treated the club to a flare display at Woodman Point. About 25 members turned up for some well-presented and very useful tuition.

Kalamos cave
Kalamos cave
Photograph: Barb Manson
Jo, Pel, Sue, Russ and Judy line up in front of one of the many caves of the Ioniand Islands in Greece. For more pictures and a great report of the trip, click here.

For more photos, see the photo gallery.

Current program

Sunday 29 March
Hillarys Boat Harbour
to Mindarie Marina, one-way (AP).

Saturday 4 April
Halls Head Beach
to Falcon Bay return, luna eclipse night paddle (ISSA). Note 1700 for 1730 start.

Sunday 12 April
Port Beach North Fremantle
to Swanbourne, return (AP).
Program change.

Friday 17 to Sunday 19 April
Jurien Bay weekend (ISSA).

Sunday 26 April
Mersey Point
to Sisters, return (AP).

The Albany group meets on Saturdays at 1300, but with fickle weather on the south coast there is not an advance program. More information is on their Facebook page, where there are some excellent photos.

...Details and more planned trips


Trip Reports
Adrian Gawned has posted another excellent article, this time on his second trip to Raja Ampat in West Papua. One of his images is shown below.
Ken Burton has written up a fine trip to the Desolation Sound region of British Columbia in Canada.
Sue Harrington and Pel Turner have now documented the fabulous Ionian Odyssey trip in Greece, where quite a few club members joined in to escape the Perth winter.
See the Trip Reports page for this and other reports.

New Regulations
The Department of Transport has recently updated their Paddle Craft guidelines. There are 2 major changes. One is that PLBs are now allowed instead of EPIRBs. The other is that in the 400m to 2 nautical mile offshore zone, either an inshore flare kit or a PLB/EPIRB must be carried. For more information see the DoT website, or look at our updates for the club Safety Guidelines and Operating Procedures on our safety and training page.

The club has produced 2 new maps showing locations of the Western Australian Volunteer Marine Rescue groups. Go to the Safety and Training page to view or download them.

SGOP map

Retracing Oskar Speck - West Bengal to the far east of Indonesia


Sandy has completed stages 1 and 2 of the journey and is the first woman to paddle the west coast of India. She has completed the circumnavigation of Sri Lanka, and has made the first kayak crossing of the strait to India since 1935. She's paddled the coast of Thailand and has crossed to Malaysia on her way to Australia.
See her website and blog here, or go to Victorian Sea Kayak Club's expedition dashboard here.

Old Newsletters
Les Allen came across some year 2000 issues of the club newsletter, which was called the WA Seakayaker, used to be printed off and mailed out to members until 2008, when the internet took over. Some of the articles in those old newsletters make quite interesting reading. PDF versions of some issues are available here.
An excerpt from Issue 21 is shown below.

For Sale
Two Dagger Atlantis plastic 17' sea kayaks in pretty good condition with a carbon bladed scoop paddle and neoprene skirt. $1,600.00 for the lot or $850.00 each. Contact John 0418921986. There's a picture and more information on the Noticeboard page.
Mirage 580 Sea Kayak and Werner paddle. Good condition, one hatch needs replacing. $1200 ono.
Contact Colin 0428 468 884. See picture on the Noticeboard.
There is also a Mirage 580 for $1500 listed for sale on the Noticeboard page.

Do-It-Yourself Logbook
The Club has put together a do-it-yourself logbook kit, so that those paddlers who would like a logbook can easily make one. The instructions and files for printing are here.


Ian Watkins from the Albany branch has put some great pictures taken by various paddlers at last year's symposium on a YouTube slide show.
Tim Hale's YouTube video of a gentle and fun paddle from Hillarys is here.

The Sea Kayak Forum
Tim Robinson's Forum for Sea Kayakers in Australia is run independently of a club or business with the idea that it would be of benefit to clubs and businesses and would be available to kayakers world wide. There are posts on general kayak talk, techniques, equipment etc., and if you register you can post information yourself. See

...More news

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